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Citrus marinated trout with soft cheese with dill, oil of Garda „Az. Agr. Manestrini“ with trout caviar (4,9)
€ 15

Cold tomato soup flavoured with basil, confit and raw vegetables with Garda olive oil and perlage of ginger

€ 2

Quenelle made from sheep’s milk ricotta with chives and panko bread, cream of red peppers and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea (1,3,9)*
€ 14

Duck carpaccio with Groppello del Garda “Cantina Sincette”, toasted pine nuts, fried capers on spinach salad (7,12)
€ 14

Warm octopus salad with mashed potato with pistachio and cream of Taggiasca olives (7, 14)


Phyllo pastry basket with red prawn tartare, burrata and green apple flavoured with thyme (1,2,9)





Spaghetti with coulis of date tomatoes, clams, mussels, shrimps and with aromatic herb bread (1,2,3,14)*

Wholemeal ravioli with lime-flavored cod on a nettle soup and crispy bacon (1,3,4,9,) *
€ 20

Egg pappardelle with poppy seeds, mint-flavoured white rabbit ragout with smoked ricotta (1,3,8,9) *
€ 18

Carnaroli risotto with saffron, ewe’s cheese, balsamic vinegar and with Sicilian red prawn (9, 12)

€ 22

Cornmeal dumplings with red pepper cream and courgettes on 24 months Parmesan sauce ( 9)


Soup of the day
€ 10




Veal cheek with yellow apple puree and sour-sweet Tropea onion (8,12)
€ 21

 Sautéed shi drum slice with rosemary on a creamy potato soup, chip bread, fried leek and curry powder (1,4)
€ 22

Grilled lamb chops with green beans, peas, courgettes and truffle sauce *
€ 19

Turbot steak in quinoa breading with aromatic herbs and vegetables (4,7)
€ 20

Saddle of suckling pig with mushrooms and saffron shallot

€ 20




Linzer cake with Garda lemon Chantilly cream (lactose-free) (1,3)

Trilogy of three chocolates with almond crunchy nougat (1,9)

Pure chocolate cake with pineapple sauce and rum crystals (3,9,12)

Shortcrust tart with lemon cream and raspberry (1,3,9)

White chocolate mousse with wild berries (9)



Bread and cover charge 4 €
* Frozen product during preparation or frozen at origin
(N°) Allergens, please read the LIST HERE
NB: It cannot be excluded that even the presence in small quantities of allergens other than those specifically listed for a given food can be excluded.


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