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Date : 2099 January 11th
The Hotel Monte Baldo has since long joined the Consortium of Hotels in the Riviera del Garda and can therefore offer his guests specific advantages and discounts (check for the sign 🔴). Attached to this guide you can find the maps of Gardone and Salò, the promotion card is available free of charge at the reception.

Lake Tour with the ferry 🔴

Maybe the best way to appreciate the scenery of lake Garda is from above the water. The variety of the Garda landscapes is stunning, thousand-meter cliffs, traditional marinas, the ancient lemon groves, the island of Garda with its Palace. You can enjoy all of this comfortably seated on a ferry. The ferry departure point is only 400 meters away from the hotel and it is possible to visit almost all the towns scattered around the lake. There is also the possibility with a combined ticked valid one day to visit more than one town. Please inquire about the tour of the “Southern Garda” or the “Northern Garda”. Tariffs and boats schedule are available at the reception or on Thanks to the consortium of hotels our guests can benefit a reduction of 20% on all rates upon the presentation of the “promotion card” at the ticked counter.

Grotto of Catullus

Inside the archaeological park, within a vast oliveto-grove, are the remains of a large Roman villa, known for centuries as “grotte di Catullo”. The building, built between the end of the 1st century B.C. and the beginning of the 1st century A.D. in an excellent panoramic position, at the extreme tip of Sirmione peninsula, is the most important example of a high-class residence in the whole of northern Italy. Just after the entrance to the archaeological park one finds the Museum, where objects brought to light during the excavation of the villa, and in archaeological work conducted in Sirmione and other localities of lake Garda, are displayed.

Scaliger Castle 🔴
This fortification, surrounded by water, was built near the end of the 12th century as part of a defensive network surrounding Verona. It Is one of the best-preserved Scaliger castles in Italy and a rare example of lakeside fortification.

The Thermae of Sirmione on lake Garda is one of the most charming and best equipped Thermal Centre in Europe. It offers a series of treatments, all having one essential element in common: the sulphurous water, therapeutic and relaxing properties.

“The Shiver Terrace”

A terrace hanging 350 meters high right above the lake, from which you can enjoy a 360° panorama on the whole Garda and the famous winding road “Strada della Forra”. The mountains here dominate the scenery; you will end up admiring their silhouette merging between the sky and the blue waters of the lake. Directions: follow for “Pieve di Termosine”

Isle of Garda

From April to October the family Borghese Cavazza opens the doors to guided tours of his house, the famous Villa on the Isle of Garda. The tour starts from the lush park with English and Italian garden styles, and evokes the history of this place that has evolved through the centuries from the Roman era until today. The guided tour lasts two hours. During the summer season, musical events take place at sunset, please check


Vittoriale degli Italiani 🔴

Il Vittoriale is a complex of buildings, roads, squares, an open air amphitheatre, several gardens and rivers built between 1921 and 1938 by the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio. During the summer, in the fascinating amphitheatre, takes place the musical season. It is possible to visit the poet’s house upon reservation. Open every day from 8.30 to 20. Reachable on foot from the Hotel (20 min walk) or with the tourist train.

André Heller’s Botanic Garden 🔴

The botanic Garden belonging to the foundation André Heller was created from the doctor naturalist Arturo Hruska. The garden features more than 2000 species of plants coming from all continents. The new owner, the multimedia artist from Austria André Heller, is enriching the park with contemporary art pieces by renown artists like Keith Haring and Mimmo Paladino. Reachable on foot in 10 Minutes from the hotel or with the “Trenino”.
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