Date : 2099 January 11th
Valle delle Cartiere (Papermills Valley)

The history of Toscolano is tightly linked to the Valle delle Cartiere. This valley located just behind Toscolano between monte Pizzocolo and Monte Castello was back in the year ‘400 an important pole for the paper industry. Its favourable position on the river banks of Toscolano made it an interesting place for building paper mills. However, with the technological progress electrical energy replaced water energy. The paper Museum is open April to September Mon- Sun from 10 – 18 Website: www.valledellecartiere.it

Naturalistic archaeological park Rocca di Manerba

This relatively limited area holds a unique variety of vegetation: plants from different climatic areas that grow together, encouraged by the reassuring presence of the lake. Open April to September Mon- Sun from 10 – 20. Free entrance. Website: www.parcoroccamanerba.net

Sanctuary of Montecastello

The Sanctuary of Montecastello is located just below the peak of Monte Castello, on a spur of rock sheer above the lake, with magnificent panoramic views. The Sanctuary is open from the 9th April to the end October 2017, from 9.00 a.m. until 6.30 p.m.


In Gardone it is possible to enjoy strolls in the town parks an as well as harder trekking. Please ask for the town map at the reception, the staff will be happy to help you find a walk that best suits you.

Trekking Rifugio G.Pirlo

A classic trekking: departure from San Michele, the hike lasts approx. 4 hours go and return, with a climb of 1200mt.

BVG “Lower Garda Route”

The famous and about 100km long itinerary that links Salò to Limone For more info please check www.bvgtrail.it
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